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Brisbane Sovereignty and Land Rights Conference

Click title to access all the speakers from the conference including Woomera’s Judulu Neal and Wayne Wharton.

All charges against those defending the sacred fire in Musgrave Park on May 16 dropped! Happy Sovereignty Day everyone!

Attention all freedom loving peoples!

On 26 January 2012 at celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, representatives from First Nations peoples across Australia decided to make August 22 National Sovereignty Day.

On the 22nd of august 1770 Captain Crook, I mean Cook, landed on the uninhabited Possession Island, where he claimed the entire East coast of Australia as British territory.

This is a day to spread the flames of Aboriginal Sovereignty across this continent. Join in National Sovereignty Day events, organise your own event or even just light a fire in your backyard and talk to your kids about sovereignty.

We support Damien ‘Super’ Hooper and if you want to like him on fb go to

Shout out to Nyoongar Embassy

Judulu talking about Woomera at the National Sovereign Unity Government gathering at Moree.